Why Is My AC Not Cooling My House?

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Basic Info. Regarding ACs

Your AC unit is an integral part of your home or business with its ability to keep the indoors of your property maintained with comfortable and stable temperatures.   As of such, when you require AC repair in the summer the need to have it fixed as soon as possible can be important in order for occupants to stay indoors with ease. When your AC is acting up the effects can be immediate or progress with outward signs through time. It’s important to notice if there are any changes in energy usage or increased energy bills as this can point to an improperly-working AC system. Certain issues can be fixed with simple measures while others may need the expertise of a professional technician that is certified with AC repair services.

How do you fix an air conditioner?

AC repair for home can vary depending on the issue at hand, oftentimes fixes can be made through maintenance adjustments with your AC. This can involve cleaning filters, checking the system’s coils, checking the proper amperage and voltage of your blower motor and many more tasks. Your AC can become vulnerable to changes from such factors as changing temperatures, energy efficiency, and productivity. As some areas of AC repair may incorporate electrical connections it’s important to reach out to a qualified and licensed technician for the job in order to avoid the risks and danger of being electrocuted. Other areas may even require expert eyes and access as such cases as ductwork needing to be updated can be tricky as they can differ in conditions throughout the property. As of such, such intricacies can be rather difficult for the average Joe or Jane to determine so it’s important to reach out for help when possible.  

AC Repair vs Replace

A big indicator that a repair or replacement service is necessary is when age comes into the equation. Certain parts and materials will have a max life span and afterward will start acting up if not replaced. When part of an AC system acts up os is not handled with prompt AC repair or replacement then you may see it affect the productivity of other parts. You may even cause other parts to prematurely age from being overworked or overheated. 

What is the reason for AC not cooling?

When your AC is not cooling it’s important to see what could be wrong with the thermostat first as it could be that the temperature simply needs to be set lower or that it’s not switched to the cooling mode. After this, if your AC unit is still continuing to blow warm air the next step is to assume that your refrigerant levels are low and need to be recharged. (A refrigerant recharge is just the technical term for it being refilled.) Other issues could be that there is a leak in the ducts or refrigerant areas which can lead to the refrigerant loss. This can cause another issue to develop as coils would freeze due to refrigerant leak exposure.

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Reasons Your AC is Not Cooling

  • Low Refrigerant Levels
  • Refrigerant Leak
  • Dirty Air Filter
  • Dirty Outside Unit
  • Broken Condenser Fan Motor
  • Bad Compressor

How do I know if my AC is broken?

There are many signs that your AC will give you when you need either an AC repair or replace service. Your AC, for instance, can act differently depending on whether there has been excessive sun exposure, poor energy efficiency abilities, poor system design, insulation, ductwork or user operations. Such signs of a broken AC can include when your thermostat’s display is blank or has lost power, you’re hearing noises with your equipment or if there are water leaks in various areas. 

Why is my AC not working?

As far as a need for AC repair some reasons that it could not be working as proficiently as it did before could be because there is a blown fuse or even the circuit breaker has been tripped. As of such, it’s important to undergo yearly maintenance practices or tuneups since it’s most likely due to improper maintenance that common problems are occurring.

What if AC is not cooling?

If your AC is not cooling than you can possibly do a basic inspection to see what problems could be occurring with your unit. Simple fixes of AC repair may include simply changing out a clogged filter. When it comes to more severe issues such as replacing a fan motor or compressor it may be wise to contact your local air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX. Parts are often not readily available to the public and indeed certain tasks require certification in order to be done with safety and precaution in mind. With the assistance of an AC repair company you can determine if such intricate scenarios as water leaks are due to your HVAC system or require the assistance of emergency plumbing repair services. When you’re in doubt as to what do for your AC repair or replacement contact a professional.

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