Repairs & Replacement for AC Fans

Air Conditioner Fan Repair

If You Can Feel the Air Blowing From Your AC, You Might Need Fan Repairs or Replacement.

Your air conditioner fan plays a critical role in circulating air through your internal HVAC system. Not to be confused with your HVAC blower, your fan is responsible for cycling air throughout your system. It draws in moisturized air from each room and releases conditioned air into your air ducts for cooling your home. So what happens when your fan stops working? A whole lot of nothing: no moisture is removed from your air supply; no fresh, cool air is spread throughout your home. If your home or business is experiencing decreased HVAC system functionality or even a complete system stall, call our team at (817) 945-3601. You can talk with one of our many courteous, knowledgeable technicians and find out if you require air conditioner fan repairs in Fort Worth, TX.

Identifying an AC Fan Problem

First off, whenever your business or home experiences a problem with your air conditioning system, our team at Metro Air & Heat will start with a comprehensive inspection of your air conditioning to properly identify the source of the issue. This ensures that we don’t miss any underlying causes for your fan’s malfunction. Next, our technician assesses the condition of your AC fan to determine whether it requires repairs or complete replacement.

If the blades on your fan have been deformed by a blockage inside your system, the fan itself may require replacement. Other common problems include a defective capacitor, faulty wiring, or an issue with the bearings. These typically require repairs rather than fan replacement. No matter what the issue is, it’s imperative that any misalignment in your system be dealt with quickly to avoid additional damage in the future.

Air Conditioner Fan Repairs

A Broken Fan Will Prevent You From Enjoying the Wonderful Cool Air of Your HVAC System.

Professional Help With Your AC Fan

When you need assistance getting your air conditioning back up in running, the experienced and courteous team at Metro Air & Heat are always ready to help! With affordable air conditioner fan repairs in Fort Worth, TX and the surrounding area, you’re always a simple phone call away from professional service. Give our technicians a call at (817) 945-3601 today, and talk to one of our experts about your problem. We’ll be happy to assist with affordable solutions and courteous service!