How Can I Improve the Insulation in My House?

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Don’t Touch That Thermostat! Find Out How To Better Insulate Your Home.

We are coming up on colder months, which means we will be using our heating systems more and more. While we need heat in order to be comfortable and safe, it can get expensive running your heating system, especially when your house isn’t well insulated. When a home isn’t well insulated, it is easier for your heat to escape your home, therefore making you use more heat which will then cost more money. Although this can be frustrating to hear, there is no reason to fret! If you are wanting to know how to better insulate your home, we have the tips just for you!

How To Better Insulate Your Home

  • Replace Windows: If your windows are old and you know for a fact that warm air leaks out of them, one of the best things you can do is upgrade to more energy-efficient windows.
  • Use Curtains: Nighttime tends to be the time that is coldest, so using heavy or thick curtains can help keep some of that warm air in.
  • Close Off Bedrooms: Have a room that isn’t being used? Closing doors to rooms that aren’t used as frequently is a great way to keep the heat contained in the areas that you are using.
  • Invest in Rugs: While its hard to believe, wood, tile, or other bare floors that aren’t properly insulated can increase your heat loss. Putting down rugs on bare floors can help curb this issue.
  • A Timer on Thermostat: Leaving your thermostat on heat all day isn’t going to change anything. By setting a timer for when your heat comes on, you can save money on heating bills.

Siding services in Fort Worth, TX are another great way to have better insulation for your home. If you think that you need heating inspection in Fort Worth, TX to determine if insulation is the problem or your heating system, call Metro Air & Heat at (817) 945-3601.