Gas Furnace Repairs and Replacement

Gas Furnace Repair

Some Gas Furnace Issues Actually Stem From Faulty Wiring. A Diagnostic Will Let You Know.

Does your home feature a traditional gas furnace for your heating system? These systems are popular for their simplistic and practical design, but they have their share of problems. Thankfully, our team at Metro Air & Heat provides cost-effective, reliable gas furnace repairs in Fort Worth, TX. If your system is experiencing issues with low output or complete power loss, you should contact one of our skilled technicians for a diagnostic. We’ll help you get your heater up and running again! Just give us a call at (817) 945-3601.

Common Gas Furnace Problems

There are many potential issues that can occur in your gas furnace. Here are some of the most common symptoms we encounter.

  • Faulty Thermostats: Malfunctioning thermostats can stem from time-related wear or electrical issues. This can cause your system to cycle on and off repeatedly, or never come on at all.
  • Reduced Air Circulation: While duct losses are sometimes responsible, dirty filters are often the cause of low circulation problems. This can force your gas furnace to work harder than it normally needs to, and it can even cause damage to the limit switch (and by extension, the blower fan).
  • Pilot Control and Ignition Issues: Electrical problems may be the cause of these malfunctions, but it might also be a problem with a thermocouple.

While you can fix some gas furnace issues yourself, we recommend that you leave most of the work to the professionals. Faulty thermostats are especially problematic, as they can leave your home (or office) hot and muggy while wasting a lot of electricity and gas. A diagnostic by one of our professionals will uncover exactly what the problem is with your gas furnace.

Gas Furnace Repairs

Report Leaks or Wiring Issues to Your Service Provider, as These Could Cause a Fire.

Experienced Care for Your Gas Furnace

Nobody likes wasted money. That’s why our professionals at Metro Air & Heat provide affordable and effective repairs to prevent your gas furnace from wasting energy. When it comes to furnaces, it’s best to address problems with your gas system (especially issues involving electrical wiring or leaks) as soon as possible, as these could be potential fire hazards. To schedule your inspection and gas furnace repairs in Fort Worth, TX or the surrounding areas, call our team at (817) 945-3601.