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Electric Heating Unit

Faulty Wiring Can Lead to Unexpected Fires, So Don’t Ask an Amateur for Repairs!

Your electric heat pump keeps the whole family warm and cozy throughout the cold months of Winter. But when your heating system breaks down, it can cause uncomfortable as well as unsafe conditions. If you need electric heat pump repair in Fort Worth, TX, contact the Metro Air & Heat pros at (817) 945-3601 to fix the issue quickly to get your home warm again.

Common Electric Heater Problems

Like all heater units, electric heat pumps are made for optimal durability. As time goes by, however, your heating system could start to exhibit signs of damage.

Low or No Air Blowing: Clogged filters are the main cause of little or no air blowing from your heater. In order to ensure your heater continues to blow efficiently, regularly inspect and change your filters. However, blowing issues may also stem from a faulty blower fan, belt, exchanger, or heating element.

Doesn’t Stop Blowing: Even though blowing issues are sometimes linked to a faulty thermostat, they are usually caused by a relay or limit switch that’s gone bad.

Noisy Operation: Noises in your electric heat pump may be caused by multiple problems, such as a loose panel door or a bad blower. Because these problems could be serious or simple, it’s best to call a professional from the beginning.

Blowing Cold Air: When your heating system blows cold air, rule out the thermostat first. If your thermostat is functioning correctly, however, you most likely have a problem with your heater’s capacitors or heating element.

Expert Repair and Replacement

Electric Heating Unit

If Your Electric Heating Unit Needs Repairs, Call On Our Experienced Technicians.

When you need repair you can trust, the Metro Air & Heat technicians are here to help. Our knowledgeable technicians deliver a full evaluation of your system and offer effective options that are affordable and convenient to ensure your heater gets back on track, fast. Our professionals have experience with each type of heating system so you can rest assured your services are being completed by the best team in the industry. When you’re looking for reliable, cost-effective electric heat pump repair in Fort Worth, TX, contact the Metro Air & Heat technicians at (817) 945-3601 for service you can count on.