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Central Heating Unit

There are Two Common Types of Central Heating Units: Furnaces and Heat Pumps.

Your heater is your first line of defense during the cold months of winter. When it begins showing signs of problems, you want an experienced technician that is able to complete your repairs fast. Our experts can perform the central heating repair you need to ensure your system delivers maximum performance, whether you have a heat pump or an electric furnaceDiscover exactly how we can repair your system or get a quote on central heating repair in Fort Worth, TX by calling our experts at (817) 945-3601

Top Issues With Central Heaters

While central heating systems are built for strength and longevity, they can develop damages from time to time. A damaged thermostat may create unbalanced operation and start emitting cold air throughout your home. A system that quits running cuts off too early, or delivers cold air may also have a damaged mechanical component such as the blower fan, sensors, or heating mechanism.  Make sure your home is comfortable and cozy this winter with central heating repair, offered throughout Fort Worth by the Metro Air & Heat experts.

Your Central Heating Choices

Central heating systems come in two primary styles – furnace units and heat pumps. Furnaces utilize a heating mechanism to produce heated air for your home. Furnace units offer uniform heat, even in extremely cold temperatures and can function off of gas or electricity. However, parts of your furnace, such as the heating element, sensors, or ignition, may become damaged or worn, causing system failure.

Central Heating Unit

Heat Pump Heating Units Offer Energy Efficiency But Require a Consistently Warm Storage Space.

Heat pumps work by transferring warm air from outside to the air inside your home. However, though these systems are efficient and simple to use, they have trouble maintaining inside comfort if the outside temperature is below 40℉. Heat pumps should be stored in a room that remains warm throughout the day, in order to function properly.

Don’t live with a broken heater. The Metro Air & Heat technicians can deliver the central heating repair your home needs to be comfortable throughout the cold season. Whatever kind of issue your unit has, our experts will fix it fast. If your heater needs repair, contact our experts first at (817) 945-3601 for central heating repair around Fort Worth, TX that you can trust.