Professional Air Conditioning Repair in Kennedale, TX

Air Conditioning Repair

Not Feeling Air From Your HVAC System? Call Our Team for Fast, Reliable Repairs!

At Metro Air & Heat, our team has supplied the community of Kennedale with professional HVAC service for more than three decades. Our technicians are continually working to sharpen their industry skills and customer service, which is why so many homeowners and businesses come to us for help. When you need unfailing expertise and experience for your HVAC system, you can call our company at (817) 945-3601 and get a quote on any of our services. Speak to one of our kind professionals and schedule your inspection and air conditioning repair in Kennedale, TX.

Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Inspection

Regular Inspections from a Reliable, Experienced HVAC Technician Will Prevent Sudden Shutdowns.

When you need emergency air conditioning repair, our crew is available 24/7 for your residence and office. However, you don’t need a crisis to call our company for assistance with your air conditioning! For homeowners, Metro Air & Heat can supply cost-effective air conditioning maintenance to ensure your system is running at peak performance and prevent unwanted part failure. Searching for a trusted service for your business’ HVAC maintenance? We can serve you too! Need further information about our air conditioning repair in Kennedale, TX? Talk with one of our experienced professionals at (817) 945-3601.

  • AC Replacement & Install Whether you’re looking to replace an aging unit or you’re installing in a new home, our team is happy to assist you!
  • Emergency AC Repair Our team is ready 24/7 to provide emergency HVAC repairs for your house or business.
  • Air Duct Sealing & Repair Air duct repairs will prevent costly energy waste from your AC vents; see how much you could save!
  • Whole House Air Purification Protect your family from pathogens and allergens; get your quote on our air purification systems.
  • Central AC Repair When your central AC unit stops performing correctly, our team will supply you with a complete inspection and repair service.
  • High Velocity Mini-Ducts When you desire something more effective than forced-,traditional air ducts, try our crew’s high velocity mini-ducts.
  • Refrigerant Recharge Without coolant, your air conditioning system will not provide the cold, fresh air you need on a hot day.
  • Commercial AC Contractor Searching for an HVAC contract service? Discover why so many enterprises choose our business for their repairs, maintenance, and installation needs.
  • Energy Efficient HVAC System See how much money your family could save on your annual utility costs when you select one of our team’s energy-efficient HVAC systems!
  • Whole House Air Filtration When your low air quality has you mopping the floors and dusting the house several times a week, check out our whole house air filtration system.
  • Whole House Humidifiers When you’re experiencing dry skin, bloody noses, or scratchy throat on a daily basis, your home may need a humidifier.
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance Consistent maintenance prevents unexpected part failure and keeps your AC system running efficiently.
  • Indoor Air Quality Humidity and filtration are two of the most important elements of indoor air quality in your home.

Energy Savings

HVAC Energy Savings

Air Conditioning Repair

See How Much an Energy Efficient HVAC System Could Save Your Family or Business Each Month.

When your system is operating at sub-optimal levels, you’re probably paying extra money every month for energy as a result. Homeowners can resolve much of the issue with consistent cleaning and maintenance service. Our duct repair and AC coil cleaning solutions allow homeowners opportunities to reduce system waste and sub-par performance.

However, air conditioning units will slowly decline in energy efficiency as they age, adding to your monthly utility costs. To help our customers combat this rise in energy consumption, our professionals offer energy-efficient HVAC systems like the ambient air heat pump, which can help homeowners greatly reduce their monthly utility bill. Want to find out more about our energy-efficient solutions? Call (817) 945-3601 to talk with one of our knowledgeable specialists, and ask about our air conditioning repair in Kennedale, TX!

Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Be Protected From Allergens and Pathogens That Travel Through Your Air Supply.

We’re not just your go-to service for air conditioning repair in Kennedale, TX here at Metro Air & Heat; our crew also meets your needs for greater indoor air quality. You’re probably facing an air quality issue when you need to dust through the house more than once of week, or if you chronically wake up feeling groggy. It’s a common problem; dirt, dust, and other particles get caught up into your HVAC system and recirculated throughout the house. You may find yourself purchasing additional allergy medication and dusting more frequently without the proper vent filtration.

You can harness of our whole house filtration systems to fight these airborne particles and protect your family. Is your family searching for something even stronger to combat airborne pathogens in your air conditioning? Try our purification systemsWant to speak to a specialist about your home’s indoor air quality? Call (817) 945-3601.