Heating and Cooling Service in Dallas County, TX

Heating and Cooling

Make Sure Your Heating System is Working Properly With Annual Maintenance Checkups.

When it comes to supporting the community with affordable, professional HVAC services, we have a lot of experience under our belts. The attentive technicians at Metro Air & Heat have over 30 years of experience meeting your needs for heating and cooling in Dallas County, TX. Call (817) 945-3601 and speak with one of our courteous, experienced experts; don’t forget to get your estimate for your office or home’s project!

Heating and Cooling Repair Services

Your HVAC system, while incredibly resilient, may occasionally experience sudden part failure. Part malfunctions have left some homeowners and businesses without heating and cooling for days. When you call Metro Air & Heat, we’ll provide you with an expert technician to identify the cause of the system failure and fix it. We also carry parts from the leading HVAC manufacturing brands, in case your system requires fast part replacement. Schedule a professional inspection today for your home or business’ heating and cooling systems in Dallas County!

Heating System Solutions

If your heating system is on the fritz, you don’t have to break the bank looking for repairs; call our team at Metro Air & Heat. Homeowners and businesses alike can receive affordable repairs for their heating system. No matter what type of energy your heating runs on, you can rely on our professionals for knowledgeable service. Take a look at our services below, or give our office a call!

  • Central Heating Repair Talk with one of our technicians if your central heating is experiencing a dip in performance.
  • Electric Heat System Repairs When you’re having problems with your electric heat system, call our team for repairs or part replacement.
  • Gas Furnace Replacement Is your gas furnace providing less and less heat for your home? Call our team for repairs or replacement service!
  • Electric Furnace Repairs Even modern electric furnaces need repairs from time to time, so get a quote for your repair service today!

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Heating and Cooling

We’re Always Available for Emergencies! Call Today if You Need Our Technician to Inspect Your System.

Professional HVAC Services

Has your air conditioning unit given out on you? For prompt repairs to your heating and cooling in Dallas County, TX, give the professionals at Metro Air & Heat a ring! You’ll find our experienced and knowledgeable technicians to be very helpful! They’ll start with a thorough inspection of your system. Our inspection will uncover the problem and help us determine your most cost-effective solution to get your system working correctly again. Ready to get started on your repairs? Call our team at (817) 945-3601.