Air Conditioning Unit Service in Texas

Air Conditioning Unit

If You’re Having an Emergency or Simply Need Regular Maintenance, Our HVAC Experts Can Help!

Is your home or business currently without air conditioning? If you need fast, reliable repairs for your air conditioning unit in Texas, contact the professional men and women at Metro Air & Heat! Our team has been serving the local community for over 30 years now! Many businesses and homeowners choose Metro Air & Heat for their HVAC repairs and maintenance because of our commitment to kind service and affordable expertise. Find out more about our services today! Ask for a quote from one of our courteous experts at (817) 945-3601.

Friendly Service in the Following Counties

HVAC System Repairs & Maintenance

Homeowners and businesses alike can come to our professionals at Metro Air & Heat for all their repair and part replacement needs. In the way of repairs, our local HVAC experts can provide everything from commercial contracting for annual performance checkups, to emergency repairs for your home’s central air conditioning unit. We can also supply all your basic maintenance requirements, such as refrigerant recharge or air duct sealing. Consistent upkeep from our technicians will ensure that your system functions longer and more efficiently.

Capable Unit Upgrades

For those looking to unlock more functionality for their HVAC system, our team also boasts a great selection of energy efficient HVAC systems. Reduce electricity consumption with one of our new heat pumps, fueled by your home’s ambient air supply. You can also enhance your existing HVAC system by replacing, leaky ducts with high velocity mini ducts! Talk to one of our technicians at (817) 945-3601 about your goals for your air conditioning unit in Texas. 

Professional Parts Replacement

Air Conditioning Unit

Are You Constantly Having to Dust Around Your Home? Ask About Our Air Quality Solutions.

Why should you come to Metro Air & Heat for your repairs and part replacement? Our team has over thirty years of experience, but we’ve also taken time to build up our reservoir of products from the most trusted HVAC brands around. That means we can replace your missing or expired parts faster than ever before. When your heater or air conditioning unit in Texas suffers a breakdown, call (817) 945-3601 for our knowledgeable, courteous professionals! You can also find more information in the links below!