Air Duct Losses – The Hidden Money Sponge

Air Duct Losses

Duct Losses Account for a Large Percentage of Energy Waste Inside Your Home.

Ducts are a crucial part of your home’s air conditioning network. However, they are also an enormous source of home energy waste that many Americans don’t know about. This stems from air duct losses, a hidden money sponge inside your home. Here’s how it happens and what you can do to stop the terrible waste. 

How Air Duct Losses Occur

Air ducts in forced air systems are intentionally manufactured to provide flexibility and resiliency. For a time, they operate smoothly without any issues. Then minuscule cracks, gaps, rips, and tears appear along the vents and in between the various sections. Air inevitably starts to fizzle through the abrasions. In a system that’s constantly cycling air to and fro, these weaknesses are only aggravated over time. The U.S. Department of Energy says that “Duct losses can account for more than 30% of energy consumption for space conditioning, especially if the ducts are in an unconditioned space such as an attic.” So what can the average homeowner do to avert these energy losses?

Solving the Air Loss Problem

There are two clear-cut options to address duct losses: repairs or replacement. With the right insulation, your ducts can be bolstered against the pesky cracks that pop up over time. A professional sealing service will see this done the right way. Otherwise, you could simply say goodbye to your aging duct system and upgrade to a more energy-efficient duct network. High velocity mini ducts offer a great alternative to their rapid distribution capabilities. You can even go ductless with some AC systems, but that might be more expensive in the short term.

How will you deal with air duct losses in your home? If you’d like more details on how you can save energy with your HVAC system, you’re more than welcome to chat with one of our specialists at (817) 945-3601. Ask them any questions; they’ll be happy to help!