High Velocity Mini Duct Systems

Mini Ducts System

Mini Ducts Circulate Air Much Faster Than Larger Forced Air Systems, With Less Wasted Energy.

While a typical central air conditioning and heating unit are ideal for most offices and homes, there are instances that a high velocity mini duct system is a better option. These HVAC systems are more compact and provide a variety of advantages that aren’t found with a traditional A/C or heating unit. Get more information about the advantages of installing a high velocity mini duct system in the Fort Worth, TX area, and the ways our team can ensure top-notch operation for the life of your system by calling our experts at (817) 945-3601.

High Velocity Mini Duct Systems 101

While the majority of central A/C and heating units operate using a large duct system, high velocity mini duct systems use much smaller ducts to provide the same amount of air. These systems circulate your air at a higher velocity so you get uniform air temperatures throughout the area. This rapid delivery, partnered with programmable zone control, offers considerably lower energy costs. With low maintenance needs and convenient installation, mini duct systems are ideal for retrofitting an older home for central air conditioning and can be a great selection for new home installation.

Excellence in Installation for Optimal System Operation

With professional installation and maintenance, your high velocity mini duct system can save you from substantial energy costs. The Metro Air & Heat professionals are knowledgeable in every kind of high velocity mini duct system installation and repair to ensure that you receive the product that fits your budget and functional requirements. We provide details about each selection, like cost, performance, and lifespan to ensure you are able to make the best selection for your needs. Get better air control with less energy consumption when you call the Metro Air & Heat technicians.

Mini Duct System Repair Specialists

Like most HVAC units, high velocity mini duct systems may require maintenance as time goes by. Our professionals are skilled in all types of mini duct systems and will provide quick, hassle-free repairs that restore your system to like-new performance. We will perform a full inspection of your unit to identify all of your unit’s damages and discuss your options with you to discover the right solution for your needs. If you’re in the market for mini duct repair or service that’s quick and dependable, contact our expert technician.

Though high velocity mini duct systems provide substantial savings and durability, the units have to be installed and maintained correctly for optimal performance. Ensure that your unit is always in perfect condition with the help of the Metro Air & Heat technicians. Dial (817) 945-3601 to schedule your high velocity mini duct system appointment in Fort Worth, TX today.