Energy Efficient HVAC System Options

Energy-Efficient Systems

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When selecting a new HVAC system, you need one that’s efficient as well as effective. Current A/C and heating systems are not only measured for power and performance, but also for energy efficiency. Find out more about each of your energy efficient HVAC systems in Fort Worth, TX by calling the Metro Air & Heat experts at (817) 945-3601. We will walk you through each step of your project to ensure you end up with the perfect HVAC system for you.

Looking for Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

To get the optimal energy efficiency from your unit, the system must be the correct size for your space. This not only depends on square footage but is also affected by flooring type, insulation quality, and more. A high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) is important as well when you want the highest efficiency. Energy efficient models are required to have at least a 13 SEER rating but can go up to a 20. The SEER rating is found when the amount of cold air distributed is divided by the amount of energy used.

The SEER rating and the size of your unit must balance in order to cool your space with optimal efficiency. Our experts can identify your individual needs and provide realistic options that are both reliable and affordable. We can also complete your service with duct optimization that ensures your air is flowing where it should.

Common Energy Efficient Systems

Usually, homeowners opt for a split system which has an outdoor and an indoor unit. These systems are cost-effective and deliver reliable and efficient temperature control. However, they are prone to duct damage which may greatly hinder the unit’s performance. Geothermal units use underground water temperatures to deliver warm and cool air to your space with extreme efficiency and effectiveness. Though these systems come with a hefty upfront cost, they are known to be the most energy-efficient model.

Energy-Efficient AC Unit

Are You Spending Too Much Energy on Conditioning? Try an Energy-Efficient System.

Another favorite system, the mini duct unit, can be installed just about anywhere and uses smaller, more compact ducts. With high velocity air delivery, mini duct systems can deliver a more uniform air temperature throughout your home. Mini duct systems are typically more costly upfront than their split system counterparts but offer substantial energy savings throughout its lifetime. From split units to mini duct systems, your energy efficient HVAC system options are nearly endless. Our experts will help you identify the best system for your needs and deliver superior installation for optimal performance. Call (817) 945-3601 to find out additional information on energy efficient HVAC systems in Fort Worth, TX.