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If Your System Has Suddenly Frozen Up, Ask a Technician to Check Your Refrigerant Level.

Your air conditioner is your top protection against sweltering summer heat. But for your A/C to work effectively, it must have the correct amount of refrigerant. Luckily, when your refrigerant level is lower than it should be, the Metro Air & Heat technicians can quickly recharge your unit and get your air back to cool fast. Call our technicians at (817) 945-3601 to find out our home A/C recharge services can keep you cool all summer long.

Why Does Your A/C Need Refrigerant?

In your air conditioner, refrigerant runs through a set of coils absorbing heat from the air as it cycles through your system. This heat raises the refrigerant’s temperature, transforming it into liquid form as it’s flushed outside. Outside, the cooling liquid returns to gas form and is dissolved into the air. Meanwhile, a fan is used to blow the cooled air through your duct system to be distributed. If your unit’s refrigerant needs to be recharged, the air cooling process isn’t efficient, leaving you with an A/C that blows warm air. Our technicians are able to recharge your system quickly and conveniently to get your system blowing cool again fast. If you want home A/C recharge service in Fort Worth, TX or the surrounding areas, call the Metro Air & Heat team.

Home Air Conditioner Refrigerant Recharging

Refrigerant Recharge Service

Make Sure to Have Your Refrigerant Lines Pressure Tested During Your Next Refill.

Typically, if your A/C starts blowing warm air, it’s an indication that you need the refrigerant recharged. This process is quickly completed by an expert and delivers immediate results. However, leaks may drain your refrigerant, so it’s important to have your lines pressure tested with each recharge service to prevent problems. The Metro Air & Heat experts help make sure your lines are strong and damage-free by performing a complete pressure test. Don’t put up with the summer with insufficient air conditioning. Call (817) 945-3601 to speak with the Metro Air & Heat team about your home A/C recharge service in Fort Worth, TX. Our team is knowledgeable in all type of units so you’re sure to receive cooler air right away. Schedule your appointment today!