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Tarrant County Thermostat Installation & Repair

Want to Gain Total Temperature Control?

Your expensive heating and air conditioning unit won't do you much good without a thermostat to control it. At Metro Air & Heating, we offer thermostat installation and repair in Haltom City and Tarrant County. The thermostat is the gateway to the entirety of your HVAC network. Without a reliable, efficient thermostat, your entire heating and cooling system is essentially wasting money.

If you're looking for a new thermostat, or need to fix an old one, call Metro Air & Heat at (817) 767-4166.

Do I Need Thermostat Service?

When your heater or air conditioner starts giving you trouble, you may want to have your thermostat looked at before the equipment. Since the thermostat is the control module for the HVAC system, a problem with it can prevent your other machines from working properly. Having the thermostat serviced is often much cheaper than repairs on heating and cooling units.

Signs your thermostat may be faulty:

  • Your thermostat is old and your equipment is new
  • The temperature inside does not match the thermostat display
  • Your HVAC equipment won't start
  • Your equipment is working harder to reach the designated temperature
  • Your systems are turning on and off constantly

These are just a few signs that your thermostat may be in need of service. If your equipment is acting strangely, but you don't think the heater or AC is broken, consider having your thermostat looked at.

Call Us to See What a New Thermostat Can Do For You

Replacing a thermostat isn't all bad news. Most thermostats need replacing because they're old units, and the newer models have a number of advanced features that were not available in the past. A new thermostat can make your life more convenient, like telling you when an air filter needs replacing, or scheduling what times you want the air to run. Reach out to learn how our thermostat installation in Tarrant County can improve your home.

Find out what thermostats are capable of-call us at (817) 767-4166. We offer 24/7 installation service to accommodate your busy hours.

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