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AC Replacement in Tarrant County

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If your air conditioner isn't turning on, you should call Metro Air & Heat for reliable AC replacement in Tarrant County. There are several causes for a malfunctioning air conditioner and our trained cooling specialists can use our 30+ years of experience to quickly and accurately diagnose your particular issue and provide fast part or AC unit replacement.

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Signs of a Bad AC Capacitor

Your air conditioner's serves a vital function in the machine's operation. Capacitors store additional power in rolled up metal sheets that help start your fan motor so that fresh, cool air can be transported throughout your home. When your capacitor fails, your fan motor may not have enough energy to start your fan, rendering your air conditioner inoperable.

Common indicators of a failed capacitor:

  • A cracked or bulging capacitor
  • A noticeable burning smell originating from your capacitor
  • Leaking fluids in and around the capacitor
  • Inadequate charge (checked with a multimeter/ Volt-Ohm meter)

There is a simple test that can help you determine if your capacitor has failed. The first sign that your AC capacitor is broken is that your air conditioning unit is making normal operational sounds, but the fan is not rotating. To assess the functionality of your capacitor, take a thin stick or other object and gently nudge one of the fan blades. If the fan begins to rotate on its own, then your capacitor likely needs to be replaced.

When to Replace My AC Fan Motor

There are a variety of complications that can arise with your air conditioner's fan motor.

Some signs of a broken AC fan motor:

  • Motor runs loudly: Typically, when your AC fan motor is noticeably louder than it should be, there is a part that has become loose and is now preventing the motor from operating smoothly. Your fix may be as simple as tightening parts inside your unit. However, if this issue goes unaddressed for a long enough period, a loose part can completely remove itself from your air conditioner and may cause severe damage to its internal components.
  • Poor air circulation: The age of your air conditioner has a great deal to do with its effectiveness. As your AC unit gets older, parts begin to wear out and operate less effectively. Weak air circulation can be a sign that your AC fan motor is starting to wear out and needs to be replaced.
  • Motor turns off: When your air conditioner's fan motor shuts off in the middle of a cycle, it is a sign that there is a significant issue with the motor. Many times there is an electrical short that requires the entire motor to be replaced.

This is not a complete list of potential symptoms of a failing air conditioning fan motor. If you're unsure of what's causing your AC to malfunction, call on our professional cooling technicians.

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