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How to Save on Your AC Bill

Everyone wants to save more money. This is why the HVAC experts from Metro Air & Heat are providing the following tips on how to save on your AC bill. These simple and effective measures can help anyone save money on keeping their home cool during the long, hot Texas summers.

We encourage all of our customers to completeregular maintenance on their air conditioners because it is the most effective safeguard against expensive repairs. One simple step that every homeowner can take to maintain their air conditioning systems is toreplace their air filters on a monthly basis. This is a cheap and easy way to ensure that the airflow in your home remains steady and unobstructed.

Providing natural shade coverage for your home is a great way to decrease the impact of the sun on your house. Planting trees or shrubs around your home can provide shade that is up to 20 degrees cooler than the temperature in the sun. This means that your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to keep your home cool – reducing your cooling costs. In fact, the Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that effectively placed landscaping features can cut your cooling costs by up to 50%.

Keeping blinds and curtains closed on the sunny side of a home will block the sun from entering it in the same way as external landscaping features. Blocking the sun out of your home keeps your home cooler and makes it easier to maintain cool temperatures.

Installing weather strips on doors and windows is an excellent way to prevent air lossfrom your home, When air escapes through cracks and crevices, so does your money. Keeping your cool air in your home makes it easier to maintain a cooler temperature – cutting cooling costs as you won’t have to run your air conditioner as often. Additionally,caulk and similar sealants can create airtight seals where appliances meet your home’s exterior – preventing further air loss.


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